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Olive oil 0,50ml
2 €

We bake the bread with yeast
1,5€/ person


Akadimia salad .. seasonal green leaves, chicken and yogurt sauce with corn 10€
Seasonal greens with Florin pepper, sour cheese aromatic lemon oil and chickpeas 10 €

Beetroot salad with yoghurt, cheese balls and spicy tahini dressing €10

Cheese platters

“Anostru kasiu” sheep and goat cheese, with black and white sesame & jam €9

Cereal crusted Feta cheese and red bell peppers “saganaki” 9€

“Kopanisti” soft spicy cheese from Μykonos 9€

“Graviera” gruyere cheese from Νaxos island 10€

Cheese platter 150gr 16€ /Cheese platter & cold cuts 250gr 25€

Halloumi cheese.. with caramelized pear, toasted roast pine nuts & dressing fig 8€

Creamy cheese with chestnut cream €12


Sautéed wild mushrooms with blue cheese €12

Hot pepper with creamy goat cheese 7.5€

Fava beans with smoked trout and rusk from Limnos 9€

*Escargot (snails) with garlic butter 12€

Fresh potato with barrel feta & fresh oregano 8,5€
Traditional cabbage “dolmas” with minced meat and rice, served with white lemon sauce €12

Hull cooked Chickpeas with chestnut €10
Giants beans with pork meat – traditional recipe from our village €10



Mushroom stuffed gnocchi & parmesan sauce* 14€

Riso orzo pasta with mushrooms, truffle butter & parmesan 10€


Pork knucke cooked with vegetables €15
Florina kebabs with Florina red pepper aivar €10

Grilled chicken breast fillet with handmade cous cous, yogurt sauce and chives 11 €

Beef rib steak with truffle butter 35€/kg

Pork hull cooked with green pepper sauce €15

Beef burger with boiled greens and pickles sauce 14€

“Hunkiar bayendi” braised veal with eggplant puree 20
coocked with lemon and rigatoni €18

The serving time depends on exclusively on the required cooking time, the type of food & the peak hours so we ask for your understanting

Thank you for visiting the Akadimia art restaurant.

Our Our cheeses served with day jam | The cooking time also depends on the rush hour | We cook with virgin olive oil h Let us know about any allergies
If you wish to issue an invoice, please let us know at the beginning of your order | The listed prices include all legal charges The The store has a complaint sheet
The consumer is not obliged to pay if he does not receive the legal document | Marketable Marko Elvis